Friday, July 21, 2006

A retrospective

The spring issue of the Kenyon Alumni Bulletin has several nice pieces about the Collegian’s anniversary, journalism and our upcoming reunion.

A large article recognizes the paper’s sesquicentennial, featuring comments and memories from several alumni. At the bottom of that story are links to several sidebars, including one on the reunion.

In the issue’s editorial, Dan Laskin looks back at his time as a copy editor and reporter. (A personal aside from this post's writer: This is a fine read but, as a copy editor, I must take exception to a certain reference therein. Specifically: "Eventually, I escaped to reporting." As nearly any rimmer could say, one does not escape to reporting. One escapes to the copy desk. And yes, responses are welcome. We're a group welcoming to all, even reporters...)

And in the closing column, Columbus Dispatch writer Molly Willow shows how a Collegian columnist’s background led to work as a small-paper reporter -- and taught lessons such as one many former Collegian reporters might have learned during a Gambier Vilage Council meeting: "Issues that seem trivial can stoke the hottest passions."

Many thanks to the Alumni Bulletin staff for all the hard work!


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