Monday, July 17, 2006

Some changes

The letter and survey that were previously linked from this site have been changed, and we feel we should explain the reasoning behind this:

After extensive discussions among the members of our board and with Kenyon College, we've decided to change our vision for the structure of the alumni association. Initially, we had intended to organize ourselves as an independent non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting the Collegian and its work. Our main interest in doing this was to provide a source of support autonomous from Kenyon, in order to ensure that the Collegian, while remaining a student organization affiliated with Kenyon, could always continue to report on the College aggressively and impartially.

We also always sought to be friends with the College. And, from talking with Kenyon ahead of this fall's reunion, we learned that it could make the job of the College's alumni coordinators a bit harder if we were to organize independently. For instance, it would be harder for the College to keep in touch with alumni if leaders there didn't know about the timing of our communications.

Therefore, we have decided to instead organize as an affiliated alumni association with Kenyon College, operating under its oversight but still maintaining our own board. The guidelines for being an affiliated alumni association can be found here.

Again, we made this change only after careful and extensive consideration. In reviewing the aforementioned guidelines, we didn't feel that any of those bylaws required us to sacrifice our mission of fostering fellowship among alumni, connecting with current student journalists and supporting the ongoing work of the newspaper. We received assurances from the College that it has no intention of seeking to control or limit the aggressive reporting or independent editorial judgment of the paper. And, to ensure the importance of this in our own mission, we have amended the last part of our mission statement to state our desire "to support the ongoing work and impartial journalism of the newspaper." Most importantly, we feel that this relationship between the College and our group can be beneficial to all parties, especially in our early years.

Accordingly, a new letter announcing our organization is now here. A new survey is now here and at the link at right.


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