Friday, October 13, 2006

Photos from the first annual Collegian reunion

On October 6-7, approximately 30 Collegian alumni returned to Gambier for a celebration of the paper's 150th anniversary. Here are a few photographs from that reunion.

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At the Friday night opening reception, Charlotte Nugent '07, Tracy Miller '02, John Ryerson '72 and Grant Schulert '00 enjoy hors d'oeuvres and light refreshments.

Alumni and current student editors exchange ideas during a journalism forum.

Several alumni and editors traveled to the Mount Vernon News for a tour of the building. Here, Corby Wise, a Mount Vernon News editor, exhibits the printing press.

Alumni enjoy a tour of the temporary Collegian office, currently located in a modular office unit while Peirce Hall undergoes renovation.

At the reunion banquet, keynote speaker Renee Peck '75 reflects on her experiences as an editor of the New Orleans Times-Picayune during hurricane Katrina. Peck began her address with a powerful presentation of images from the aftermath of the disaster.

Collegian advisor and Kenyon writer-in-residence P.F. Kluge '64, author of Alma Mater and Biggest Elvis shares memorable experiences from his many years as journalist.

(From left to right) Pamela Hollie, P.F. Kluge '64, Steve Lannen '97 and Robert Rubin '80 commiserate on their experiences as the reunion banquet draws to an end.

A group of recent Collegian alumni pose for a photograph.
From Left to Right: Michael Ludders '05, Bryan Stokes II '05, Adam Sapp '02, Jay Helmer '04, Robbie Ketcham '04, Sarah Hart '01, Taryn Myers '04, Amy Gallese '03, Tracy Miller '02 and Steve Lannen '97.

Renee Peck '75 and P.F. Kluge '64 share tips and stories with current Sports Editor Sara Kaplow '07 and Arts and Entertainment Editor Leslie Parsons '09 at the post-banquet reception.

At the reception, Tracy Miller '02, Willow Belden '07, Renee Peck '75, Amy Bergen '04 and Sarah Hart '01 enjoy a nice chat.

Tracy Miller '02, Grant Schulert '00 and Jay Helmer '04 take a moment to catch up during the final reception.

Interim board members of the Collegian Alumni Organization:
From Left to Right: Willow Belden '07 (ex officio), Michael Ludders '05, Charlotte Nugent '07 (ex officio), Bryan Stokes II '05, Tracy Miller '02, Robbie Ketcham '04 and Adam Sapp '02.

All photos courtesy Amy Gallese '03, Robbie Ketcham '04 or Taryn Myers '04.


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