Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Online voting now enabled!

After you've read our newsletter (see sidebar), please cast your vote on the official charter!


Blogger Scott Carney said...

Perhaps rather than being just a blog about connecting old Collegian staff with current writers it would be better to try to connect present day Kenyon alum who are professional journalists with the current paper. Many people who never contributed a story to the paper have gone on with successful careers in muckraking.


8:18 AM  
Anonymous Robbie Ketcham said...

Hi, Scott -- Thanks for your comment! That sounds like a good idea, and one that definitely want to pursue. I think we've been hoping to find anyone involved in journalism and interested in helping out; the only challenge is in finding them. As word gets around about the group, and as we use the blog more in the future, perhaps these connections can be made more and more...

- Robbie

10:00 PM  

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