Thursday, December 20, 2007


Now that our charter has been ratified, we are officially an organization. We'd like to celebrate this accomplishment by establishing a permanent board and solidifying our communications system. To that end, we ask that you take the time to do three things before January 16, 2008.

1) Vote for members of the board of directors. The official poll can be found here. Biographies of the candidates can be found in the latest issue of the Reporter, available here. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the orange "download" button to open the newsletter.

2) Sign up for instant e-mail updates using the box on the sidebar. You'll receive an e-mail whenever we write a new post. Quite simply, this is the best way to stay informed about the workings of the association.

3) Send us your e-mail address. In order to keep our costs low and maximize our effectiveness, we'd like to switch to an all-electronic communication system. Contact us at with your name and e-mail address and any ideas/comments/suggestions.

Thank you again for your continual support and membership in the Kenyon Collegian Alumni Association.

(P.S. -- If our recent letter didn't reach your mailbox, you can find a copy here.)


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