Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 2008 conference call minutes

Collegian Alumni Association
May 4, 2008, conference call

On the call: Todd Holzman, Robbie Ketcham, Steve Lannen, Tracy Miller, Renee Peck

The CAA charter requires that the first order of business for a new Board be the election of a chair, to be the main Association contact person. After discussion, the Board unanimously selected Todd Holzman to serve as chair.

The CAA charter requires that the second order of business for a new Board be the appointment of a Finance Committee, to both assist and audit the treasurer’s budget management. After discussion, the Board appointed Todd and Adam Sapp to the committee. Both have since accepted the appointments. Robbie Ketcham, as treasurer, will chair the committee.

Without a Finance Committee, this budget report was non-binding. But as of April, the Association had a bank balance of $411.78, as well as a $70 pledge not yet received. Of this, $150 and the $70 pledge had been given in order to support a new scanner for the Kenyon library that would help digitize the Collegian archives.

The Board discussed whether to continue the scanner campaign, since the unexpected birth of the Kluge Collegian Fund has since become a top fundraising priority. All members present felt that the scanner was a good idea, however, and wanted to continue the campaign. Robbie will contact Library and Information Services to see if the scanner was still a goal and to find out more about the scanner’s cost. Pending positive feedback from this, the Board directed Robbie to send Kenyon a check for $150 toward the scanner.

Most of the call was spent discussing the Board’s goals for the future, resulting in the following:

Short-term tasks
-- Broaden membership with a universal invitation/announcement to all alumni (via Kenyon Alumni Bulletin, News Digest, online, possible mailing). Two ideas were particularly stressed: It should be clear that anyone who was with the Collegian is welcome in the CAA, not just former editors; also, those now interested in supporting the Collegian or those now in communications should be invited to participate in the group, regardless of whether they were part of the paper as students. Renee Peck is working on an announcement.

-- Update the database of membership, creating one that the Association can maintain

-- Set up a new Web site, at or at ( is in the works)

-- Look into a e-mail address

-- Create a CAA group on Facebook. Tracy created this, found at

More long-term tasks:
-- Spread word about Kluge Fund and scanner campaigns
-- Fall meeting/workshop in Gambier
-- Mass mailing
-- Newsletter
-- Fundraising for Collegian and student needs

Ongoing missions:
-- Alumni job bank and career mentoring program
-- Sponsored internships and workshops, via Kluge Fund or own fundraising
-- Support for Collegian staff


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