Friday, September 28, 2007

Collegian alumna recognized

Molly Willow '00, who had been a columnist for the Collegian and is now an arts writer for The Columbus Dispatch, has been named the 2007 Best Critic in Ohio by the Society of Professional Journalists. The list of all award winners can be found here, and thanks to Romenesko for the pointer.

Last year, Willow wrote a column for the Kenyon Alumni Bulletin: "'You'll Figure It Out,'
Or, how my nonreporting career at the Collegian prepared me to cover millage rates, tiki huts, and American Idol." It can be read here.

If anyone knows of any Collegian alumni who have been recognized, feel free to e-mail us at collegian.alumni.association (at) gmail (dot) com, and we'll pass the word along!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The places you'll go!

I meant to post this some time ago, after it appeared on Romenesko. Apparently, among the things your Kenyon degree and Collegian experience can bring you is a human scalp in the back of your car. Or at least, that's what Steve Lannen '97, who attended our reunion last year, apparently discovered.

The interesting story can be found here.

- Robbie Ketcham

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Presses rolling again

Last Thursday marked the start of the Collegian's publishing year, and the first issue can be found at

If you'd rather read the paper in hard copy, information about subscribing can be found here.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Charter vote results

My apologies for the delay in reporting this -- there's truly no excuse, save for my own forgetfulness. But the vote to ratify the Collegian Alumni Association charter ended on Aug. 15. The results are as follows:

Online voting:
In favor of the charter: 10
Opposed: 2

Mail voting:
In favor: 3
Opposed: 0

In favor: 13

Opposed: 2

More than two-thirds having voted in favor, the charter is ratified, and The Kenyon Collegian Alumni Association is officially established.

As verification of the online vote, here is a screenshot of the voting screen showing the totals:

Both votes against the charter's ratification came with thoughtful concerns, and thank you to those voters for their interest in the Association and their desire to see it governed well. In future posts, I hope any concerns about the group can be addressed.

Under Article VII of the charter, the election of a new Board of Directors must take place within one year of the charter's ratification (or by Aug. 15, 2008). We're hoping to have this take place much sooner, and for that reason we accepted nominations for the four Board representative positions and the one Board representative/treasurer spot during the ratification vote. Many thanks to those who offered nominations!

If anyone would still like to offer nominations, please e-mail them to collegian.alumni.association (at) gmail (dot) com by Monday, Sept. 10. We will then seek to contact nominees and see if they're interested in running, with the goal of holding an election within the next couple months and having the new Board in office by the end of the year. The Interim Board would then be dissolved, and the elected Board would serve a two-year term.

Thank you again to all who voted, offered nominations and raised concerns about the charter. Your input will be crucial to the success of the Association, and all the members of the Interim Board hope you'll want to continue to be involved in the future!

- Robbie Ketcham, Interim Board member