Sunday, February 24, 2008

Voting results

My many apologies for the delay; althuogh the vote has been closed for some time, various distractions and my own forgetfulness led to an oversight in posting the results. But here they are:

In all 19 ballots were cast, 14 online and five by mail. Each ballot could have up to four votes for Board representative and one for treasurer. In all, 65 representative votes were cast, and 14 treasurer votes. The results, with winners named and vote totals only for other finishers:

Winners for Board of Directors representative:
RENEE PECK '75 ------------------ 14
TRACY MILLER '02 -------------- 10
ADAM SAPP '02 ------------------- 9
STEVE LANNEN '95 --------------- 7
TODD HOLZMAN '80 -------------- 7
Two candidates --------------------- 6
Two candidates --------------------- 3
One candidate ---------------------- 0

For Association treasurer:
ROBBIE KETCHAM '04 (unopposed) -- 14

All candidates have received the results, and all winners have accepted their positions. As of Feb. 16, or one month after the end of the vote, the new Board has taken office. In addition to the five elected representatives and elected treasurer, the Board also includes three ex-officio members: P.F. Kluge '64, the Collegian advisor; and Dayne Baughman '08 and Leslie Parsons '09, the 2008-09 Collegian editors-in-chief.

Although the new Board is officially in office, the Interim Board will be having a final meeting today. After its conclusion, an agenda for the beginning of the new Board will be created, and it will be posted here for any comments members might have.

- Robbie Ketcham '04, transition manager