Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Web site

To better meet our growing needs, the Collegian Alumni Association has a new Web site:


Effective today, all new material will be posted to this site. If you are already on our e-mail list, you shouldn't have to do anything -- in fact, if you are getting this post by e-mail, you should receive all future posts, as well. You can also sign up for e-mail updates on our new site, just like on our old site. Please update any bookmarks, however, for collegianalumni.wordpress.com.

The new site offers several new features, including:
* Easily navigable pages and archives by topic
* Online job and internship banks (everyone is invited to e-mail us with openings to be posted)
* Easy access to downloads of newsletters and other material
* Permanent information about the Association and its projects

If anyone has any suggestions for the site, please let us know at collegian.alumni.association@gmail.com

Again, the CAA's new Web page is: